Ferrum Cross-Chain Leaderboard v1.1.0

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This deployment of the leaderboard includes updates to the competition module

  1. Growth / Reduction - Holders can see how much their holdings have grown or reduced by during the competition period. Balances that have grown are shown in green and balances that have reduced are shown in red. The ranking is based on wallets who have the most growth in their balance during the competition period.

  2. Labels - Now there are Labels to identify new holders New , and holders who dumped their entire wallet dropped .

Here is the URL to the first competition module:



The first release of Ferrum Cross-Chain Leaderboard v1.0 covers a single network and displays the rankings of holders (wallet IDs) based on their FRM BEP20 holdings.

  1. Covers BSC only in this release

  2. Rankings on the basis of FRM BEP20 holdings

  3. “Level up Amount” that allows holders to buy exact tokens required to jump to the next level in the competition. It is based on beating the growth amount added by the rank above the holder.

  4. Search for a wallet address and sort by balance, rank, growth / reduction.

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